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Gordon Institute of Business Science Course

Building EQ, The Emotionally Intelligent Leader


15 Aug, 2024

Course overview

Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?

Everything we experience affects our perception of the world, creating our ‘mental model’ or paradigm. Understanding the nature of your paradigm, and being able to shift it when necessary, is critical to the development of emotionally intelligent leadership. This masterclass focuses on self-leadership, management of our internal landscapes, building your EQ and awareness of how these factors impact relationships.

Course curriculum

Course outcomes

What will you learn?

  • How to develop both your internal and external self-awareness, as a leader of self and of others
  • The levels of emotional intelligence
  • Understanding of self, emotions and inner life, enhancing your ability, as a leader, to express thoughts and feelings
  • Strategies for managing stress and developing resilience to build confidence and sustain leadership performance

Who would benefit?

  • Managers and leaders of teams or multiple working groups
  • Consultants, small business owners and team leaders
  • Change practitioners
  • Managers of task forces, boards, committees, temporary work groups or project tea
  • Middle managers developing their leadership skills and knowledge


Riëtte Ackermann

Course summary

Duration Between 4 to 6 hours at your own pace. You will have access to the platform for 2 months
Certification On completion you will receive: A Certificate of Attendance A Digital Credential to use on your LinkedIn profile 50
Language: English

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Building EQ, The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Riëtte Ackermann

Riëtte Ackermann is a Professional Associate at the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and works closely with Programme Managers and client organisations to develop their leaders.

She facilitates and lectures on the topics of Personal Mastery, Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Wellbeing and Team Effectiveness amongst others, and is the Lead Faculty for the GIBS open programme on Facilitation for High Performing Teams.

Riëtte has worked in a wide variety of industries, including ITC, legal, financial services, retail, mining, and state-owned enterprises.

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