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Gordon Institute of Business Science Course

Creativity for Business


15 Aug, 2024

Course overview

Unlock your creative intelligence

Creativity is perhaps the most sought-after skill, as without it, innovation cannot happen. As a business leader, the ability to leverage creative intelligence and become a more agile and inventive thinker is essential. Creative cultures provide a competitive edge and creative leaders outperform their peers. Creativity specialist Nina Pearse unwraps creativity and gets you on the road to ‘creative intelligence fitness’.

Course curriculum


Course outcomes

What will you learn?

  • The nature of creative thinking
  • How creative intelligence works
  • How creativity relates to problem solving and innovation
  • The basic neuroscience behind creativity
  • What makes us creative? The latest research
  • Assessing your own creativity
  • Develop your creative thinking
  • Practical steps for recognising and overcoming creativity blockers
  • Bite-size creativity building habits you can get started on right away

Who would benefit?

  • Managers and leaders wanting to be more innovative, solve problems more creatively and cultivate a culture of innovation within their organisations
  • Team leads faced with rapid, ongoing change and constant pressure to come up with creative solutions
  • HR professionals tasked with managing employee well-being and shaping a more agile, resilient and creative-thinking organisational culture
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to maintain a competitive edge through enhanced creative thinking


Nina Pearse

Course summary

Between 4 and 6 hours at your own pace. You will have access to the platform for 2 months.
Certification On completion you will receive: A Certificate of Attendance A Digital Credential to use on your LinkedIn profile
Language: English

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Creativity for Business

Nina Pearse

Nina Pearse is a creative educator and co-founder of Creativity Wake-Up. Her passion and purpose is to inspire and equip people to formulate creative solutions to challenges, opportunities and everyday life.

Nina has an honours degree in business science from UCT and is an Agile Talent professional. She has worked in learning and change-related roles for nearly twenty years as a management consultant, human resources specialist and leadership practitioner, both in South Africa and the UK.

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