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Gordon Institute of Business Science Course

Decision-making and Problem-solving


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Course overview

Is your decision-making up to scratch?

Sound decisions are critical for business success in today’s increasingly dynamic, fast-paced world. Decision-making impacts everything from managing risk to achieving strategic objectives, and the ability to think both strategically and creatively is expected of all proactive management. Personal insight into your biases and an understanding of decision-making models is thus crucial for honing decision-making expertise.

What will you do better after the course

Understand the various methods for improving your decision-making skills and follow a process to introduce more creativity into your life. You’ll be able to approach problem-solving from both strategic and out-of-the-box perspectives. Mitigation of decision bias will become second nature, and you will learn when to trust your intuition in solving a problem.

Course curriculum

Course outcomes

What will you learn?

  • Learn how different modes of thinking impact your decision-making and therefore your results
  • Learn how to mitigate decision bias
  • Learn ways to improve your decision-making skills
  • When intuitive decision-making can be effective
  • Learn to think in a creative way to solve problems
  • Learn a creative process which will unlock new opportunities in your life

Who would benefit?

  • Managers, consultants and entrepreneurs who wish to improve their decision-making and problem-solving


Professor Charlene Lew

Course summary

Each module will be ‘bite-sized’, with the total time needed to complete the between 300 and 480 minutes
Upon completion of this masterclass, you will receive a digital “certificate of attendance”, which you can print out
Upon completion, receive a link to the independently verifiable digital credential for the course, which you can use on your LinkedIn profile

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Decision-making and Problem-solving

Professor Charlene Lew

Professor Charlene Lew holds the title of Doctor Litt. et Phil. Psychology and is an expert in behavioural decision-making. She teaches on the MBA programme and in corporate education on subjects such as decision-making, strategic leadership and decision-making, behavioural science for business impact and related subjects such as metacognition, leading change and creative and strategic thinking.

Professor Lew is an experienced doctoral and masters research supervisor, focusing her students’ research on behavioural decision-making and the intersection where strategic leadership decision-making and organisational outcomes meet.

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