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Gordon Institute of Business Science Course

Digital Transformation Strategy for Business Leaders


15 Aug, 2024

Course overview

Succeed and thrive in the digital era

We live in a time of unprecedented digital disruption, where successful navigation of the online space is critical for senior executives and business leaders. This course will equip you with the skills to speak and make decisions about digital transformation strategies and technologies like big data, AI, blockchain, IoT and more, through the lens of their application to business.

What will you do better after the course?

You’ll become familiar with the best local and international case studies and develop a framework for thinking about digital disruption in business. An understanding of the skills required to enable authentic digital transformation will be developed, as well as familiarity with hyped-up tech buzzwords and concepts. Never again will you find yourself in a meeting where a digital concept you don’t understand is being discussed.

Course curriculum

Course outcomes

What will you learn?

  • Data: the foundation of digital
  • What do we mean by digital transformation?
  • Four strategies for digital transformation
  • Big data, the cloud, and artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • IoT, nanotechnology and the next frontier

Who would benefit?

  • Corporate executives
  • SME owners
  • Senior marketers
  • Entrepreneurs


Mike Stopforth

Course summary

Duration: Between 4 and 6 hours at your own pace. You will have access to the platform for 2 months
Certification: On completion you will receive: A Certificate of Attendance A Digital Credential to use on your LinkedIn profile
Language: English


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Digital Transformation Strategy for Business Leaders

Mike Stopforth

A successful digital pioneer, Mike Stopforth is the founder and director of business and leadership transformation specialist Beyond Binary. He holds a Master’s in Social Business and Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Mike is an entrepreneur, start-up investor, author and global speaker. He is recognised for his provoking insights into disruption-driven change and its impact on people, business and markets, as well as on building the new leadership skills and strategies essential for navigating uncharted territory.

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