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Gordon Institute of Business Science Course

Strategic Thinking Skills Using Behavioural Science and Neurostrategy


15 Aug, 2024

Course overview

Avoid strategic errors in times of uncertainty

Behavioural economics uses important insights from neuropsychology to formulate a more realistic view of economics, business strategy and decision-making – of how people really think and make decisions. And understanding behavioural economics is key to developing more effective approaches to strategising. This Masterclass will improve your strategic thinking by applying neurostrategic principles to enhance thinking, decision-making and strategy.

Course curriculum

Course outcomes

What will you learn?

  • The concept of complexity:
    why conventional planning is no longer effective
  • A functional model of the human brain:
    how we use our brain, and the role it plays in decision-making
  • The DNA of strategic thinking:
    the key elements we need to understand in order to master thinking and decision-making
  • The concept of strategic intuition:
    how we use insight and intuition to make better strategic decisions
  • Analysis vs insight:
    how to use both analysis and insight to build better strategies and make more informed decisions
  • Why can’t we see the future?
    the special challenges of setting strategy in an uncertain world and how we can improve our strategic thinking in difficult times
  • Scenario thinking:
    planning for an uncertain future

Who would benefit?

  • Business owners and managers wishing to improve their strategic thinking and decision-making – particularly in conditions of uncertainty and change
  • Consultants specialising in strategy, organisational development and personal effectiveness
  • OD and HR managers
  • Strategic planners


Norman Chorn

Course summary

Between 8 to 12 hours at your own pace. You will have access to the platform for 2 months
Certification On completion you will receive: A Certificate of Attendance A Digital Credential to use on your LinkedIn profile
Language: English

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Strategic Thinking Skills Using Behavioural Science and Neurostrategy

Norman Chorn

Norman Chorn is a strategy and organisational development practitioner who works in Australia, UK, New Zealand and South Africa. After leaving a leading consulting firm, Norman founded a strategy and research firm with affiliations in the UK and North America. His work integrates neuroscience research with economics and strategy. It addresses:

Strategy in highly uncertain environments, using various approaches such as scenario planning and neurostrategy

Organisation development – designing and developing innovative organisations

Growth and corporate resilience – achieving growth and adaptation

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